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How to fan the flames of curiosity at a young age

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Code With Kids

This is the place where young brains come to get exercise. Where curiosity is formed into drive and fun it to be had all round.

Code With kids is an initiative of NIITFortesoft Systems.

The goal is simple get them started young nurture their innate curiosity and focus with learning this in a fun way and keep them focused while unconsciously giving the child an ability that could change the world.


Get introduced to the amazing world of coding and create your own apps and games! Enhances the child’s creativity by 80%.

Young Learners

Master the coding concepts and create commercial ready apps and games. These apps will be published on the Google Play Store.

Early Achievers

Mastering programming to creating your own Artificial Intelligence based applications using Python, this course has it all!

Pro Coders

Start your child’s journey to master Python, artificial intelligence (AI) and IOT. This course will empower them to transform from a being dreamer to an inventor.

Specially curated courses for kids

8 courses covering code , video, data analytics , graphic design and more

Data Analytics with R

What will your child learn? Data analytics and Machine learning, What will your child do? Create an animation using code, learn cyber security, Data Forecast, Data Security and Analysis How will it benefit your child? Increases logical-thinking skills by 60%, develop analytical-thinking skills, enhances problem-solving skills, boosts creativity, computational-thinking skills…

Animation using plotagon

What will your child learn? Video editing & Animation What will your child do? Create animated movies, make characters, and write plots about any subject matter. Create YouTube channels How will it benefit your child? Learn a unique form of writing as they create their dialogues & full scripts, and students…

Graphics Design/Photoshop/Video Editing

What will your child learn? Graphics Design, Photoshop & Video Editing What will your child do? Create banners, design media, edit photos and videos How will it benefit your child? Visual Problem Solving. By implementing photo manipulation, your child will develop unique problem solving skills that will help them maneuver through reality-rooted…

JAVA Programming

What will your child learn? Everything your child need to know to get started with Programming in Java What will your child do? Design an app and games How will it benefit your child? Coders are in high demand, competitive advantage, Coding knowledge allows students better understand the world, improves…

HTML & CSS (Web Design)

What will your child learn? Web Design using HTML & CSS, understand the basics and inner mechanics of HTML and CSS. What will your child do? Design website, design web applications How will it benefit your child? Learning HTML and CSS help children visualize and articulate abstract ideas effectively. In this…
person holding white ipad with black case

Python Programming

What will your child learn? Coding with Python, app design, data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence What will your child do? Create games, programs, animation, websites, and even integrate with robotics How will it benefit your child? It lets kids turn their ideas into a tangible on-screen result. They can create their…

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